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What It Means to Be a Registered Builder in Victoria

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Some of you have experienced the dreadful situation of dealing with an unreliable builder. You know the type: frequent budget overruns, unexpected variations, questionable quality, and a nonchalant attitude towards building codes that makes you wonder if they've ever glanced at the rulebook.

We would like to shed light on the significance of being a Registered Builder in Victoria. At D3 Built, we are proud of our full registration and qualifications, ensuring a seamless home build experience that leaves you stress-free.

Join us as we delve into the true essence of being a VBA-registered builder in Melbourne.

Building Compliance in Melbourne

Navigating the construction scene in Melbourne, it is crucial to closely adhere to regulatory compliance and the standards set by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). At D3 Built, we consider being registered building practitioners more than just a requirement; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients. 

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These rigorous standards and requirements not only ensure that builders achieve their registration, but also uphold it consistently. This steadfast commitment enables us to operate within Victorian legislative boundaries, effecting a positive contribution to the construction landscape.

Hiring a Registered Builder Keeps You Protected

By opting for a Registered Builder, you not only guarantee the success of your project but also safeguard your interests. The VBA plays a crucial role in this assurance, actively contributing to consumer protection and building confidence for homeowners, builders, and clients alike.

With safety nets in place like mandatory insurance and effective dispute resolution processes, they ensure that you are shielded from potential risks. Choosing D3 Built means investing in more than just a construction professional; it's an investment in peace of mind.

Registered Builders Grow with the Industry

D3 is committed to providing the most current industry practices, ensuring that our building services are of the highest quality. This commitment leads to improved project outcomes, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

At the heart of this is our recognition of the ever-changing landscape of our industry and staying current with the latest trends, technologies, and building codes is not just a requirement.

As a VBA-registered builder, this ongoing professional development ensures that every project is a showcase of the most advanced and sustainable building practices. 

The D3 Built Difference

The D3 Built family stands apart as builders that exceed the ordinary. We are fully qualified to operate in Victoria and bring ample expertise to the table.

Our team lead, David, holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree, complemented by a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems and Project Management. With over two decades of experience in project delivery management, David has successfully spearheaded a diverse range of projects. For him, the focus extends beyond constructing buildings; it encompasses crafting enduring, tailor-made homes and facilitating exceptional experiences.

Tony, our construction manager has a tertiary qualification in Mechanical Engineering and an impressive four decades of experience in project engineering and management. Tony has worked globally within the Food Industry alongside renowned brands like Nestle, Coke, Unigrain, Tetrapak, and FGB.

His expertise goes beyond engineering; he approaches construction with a philosophy, treating good construction principles and Australian standards as sacred. Tony's profound knowledge and unwavering commitment make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Our construction team ensures that every home is designed and built to meet no less than the Australian Standards. 

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So, if you're looking for builders who do not subscribe to the ‘she’ll be right mentality’ but craft lifelong experiences then you won't have to look any further than D3 Built.

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