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What sets an architecture builder apart? It is our belief that an architectural builder goes beyond conventional house-building.

At every turn a systems thinking / growth mindset approach is applied to ensure all aspects of your built form home are well thought out and considered, such an approach aids in realising well-built, practical living environments that work with you as life evolves.

Our Architectural Building Experience

Modern house architectureModern House Architecture Design Services

Our journey through the world of architectural building has been guided by personal experiences and a deep-rooted commitment to quality. With each project, we've learned, grown, and fine-tuned our approach, drawing inspiration from our own life experiences and the creation of our family home. 

D3 Built’s mission is to craft new homes, renovations and joint venture developments that go beyond bricks and mortar – we design spaces that nurture well-being and foster a sense of interconnectedness. The homes we build aren’t just structures to us; they're a reflection of our ethos, designed to evoke a sense of intuitive functionality and beauty. We believe in creating more than just a dwelling; we design and build homes that truly resonate, making every experience within them exceptional. 

At D3 Built, we take pride in tackling challenges synonymous in the architectural building space. Our team of skilled and committed tradespeople are passionate about their craft crafting exceptional living spaces. 

Architectural Vs. Volume builders

Key Point

Volume Builder

Custom Architectural Builder
Project Scope

Excels at managing multiple large-scale projects concurrently

Specialises in crafting unique, one-off custom homes with individual attention
Build Flexibility Offers limited build flexibility due to reliance on standardised plans and layouts Provides extensive flexibility, tailoring each home to the client's vision
Personalisation Limited personalisation due to pre-configured designs Prioritise personalisation, ensuring the constructed home reflects the client's preferences and lifestyle
Quality and Craftsmanship May prioritise speed and cost efficiency, which can potentially lead to compromises on craftsmanship Puts emphasis on high-quality materials and superior workmanship, aiming to deliver exceptional results
Project Timelines Standardised processes enable quicker project completion Takes additional time to ensure meticulous attention to detail and client satisfaction
Cost Transparency Offers fixed pricing with limited customisation options Provides detailed cost breakdowns, empowering clients with informed choices
Architectural Expertise Limited architectural input due to pre-determined designs Provides architectural expertise to craft unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing homes
Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness May offer limited sustainable building practices Prioritises sustainability with a range of eco-friendly construction solutions
Client Involvement Allows limited client involvement in design and decision-making Encourages active client participation throughout the project
Client Relationship Interaction may be limited post initial meetings Builds strong, personalised relationships fostering trust and collaboration
Project Size Primarily focuses on larger developments and housing estates Specialises in individual homes and smaller-scale projects

Modern House Architecture Design Services

Don't have an architect / building designer in mind? No problem, we have a network of talented individuals who are very capable of bringing your unique vision to life. 

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