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Design and Build Consulting Services at D3 Built

Stepping into the realm of creation can often feel like charting unknown territory. Recognising this, we at D3 Built are excited to provide our Design & Build consulting services. This isn't just an addition to what we do, it's a journey we embark on with you, transforming traditional building experiences into collaborative adventures of discovery and creation.

Your Home Design Journey

Home Design professionals

At D3 Built, we excel in equipping you with the essential knowledge to navigate your building design journey with confidence. A crucial aspect involves familiarising yourself with our range of construction / building services and the professionals you may collaborate with, each bringing unique skills and considerations.

Let's delve deeper into the realms of home designers.

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Some of our chosen Home Design professionals

Ready to Design and Build Your Home?

At D3 Built, we're more than just constructing buildings. We're here to transform your dreams into reality, nurture lasting connections, and shape enduring legacies. Your story is extraordinary, and it should be narrated in a way only you can envision. Your project is an adventure we embark on together, starting from our initial chat to the moment you walk into your finished space.

Contact the D3 Built team today and take your first step towards living in your very own custom-designed home, extension, or renovation in Melbourne. You can reach us by phone at 03 9068 7582 or via email at


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