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Architectural Extensions and Additions

Architectural house extensions are a fantastic way to expand upon your current home and meet your growing needs. Our Melbourne-based team focuses on enhancing your space, refreshing the feel of your home with modern design, and potentially increasing your property value, eliminating the need for relocation.

We ensure that your home addition seamlessly blends with your existing home, creating a harmonious and cohesive look. Unlike a new home build that starts from scratch, our additions and extensions incorporate your current home structure with your vision.  

Trust us to guide you through the process. Our design and build services can transform your living space into an architecturally designed retreat tailored to your evolving lifestyle.

Architecturally Designed Extensions

Our collaborative and holistic approach ensures tailor-made solutions for your home. The focus at D3 Built is on architectural enhancements such as:  

  • Kitchen Expansions - Transform your kitchen into an efficient and beautiful space, with additional storage, revamped appliances and increased energy efficiency.
  • Additional Bedrooms - Expand your family home to create additional space for your growing family or guests, accommodating their needs and lifestyles with added guest bedrooms.
  • Extra Bathrooms - Enhance the convenience and luxury of your home by incorporating features such as an ensuite, guest bathroom, or wetroom.
  • Versatile Garage Spaces - Maximise functionality by incorporating adaptable garage designs that cater to various purposes, including storage, recreation, workshops, or simply providing a secure space for your second car away from street parking.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Flow Improvements - Create a seamless connection between your living spaces and the outdoors, enhancing your living experience by allowing you to enjoy fresh air and nature from the comfort of your home.

Our home architects, interior designers and draftspeople will come together to create a home that blends form and function together.

    architectural extensions

    Our Approach to Home Additions

    First-off, we will organise a quick meeting to gauge what you want from your extension. With a commitment to collaborative design, energy efficiency, and sustainable building practices, we bring expertise to every step of the process. 

    Throughout construction, we uphold the highest Victoria building standards, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering strong client relationships built on trust. Once the project is complete, we don't consider our job finished until we've met with you to go through the extension, addressing any concerns and ensuring your satisfaction with our building services. 

    Learn about the D3 difference with a home extension crafted with precision, care, and your ultimate comfort in mind.

    The Advantages of Architectural Home Extensions

    Our seasoned architects and building designers bring a touch of expertise to elevate your property's appeal and modernise your living spaces. Here's why our extensions stand out:

    • Optimised Layouts: Our network of architects skillfully redesign spaces to maximise functionality and create layouts that enhance your daily living experience.
    • Increased Property Value and Appeal: By blending aesthetic appeal with practical design, our extensions not only improve your lifestyle but also boost the overall value of your property.
    • Navigating Regulatory Approvals: Early consultations with our experts are crucial for a seamless process. We guide you through regulatory hurdles, ensuring a smooth journey from concept to realisation.

      architectural additions

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      Start your home transformation with D3 Built, your trusted architectural home builder in Melbourne. Our commitment to excellence and custom home builds ensures that your vision becomes a reality. 

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