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Ensuite and Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Wondering if it’s time for a complete bathroom remodel? Beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal, bathroom renovations play an integral role in enhancing both functionality and comfort within your home. 

A well-designed and updated bathroom not only elevates your daily routine but also adds significant value to your property. Our building services focus on creating spaces that not only meet your practical needs but also provide an opportunity to express your unique style. 

Undertaking a remodel of your ensuite or bathroom should be considered an investment in the future of your home. The typical range for these renovations in Melbourne falls between 25k and 35k, and you’re in good hands with D3 Built as we guide you towards a refined new bathroom. 

Our Experience in Renovating Bathrooms

Our team of home builders and designers take pride in transforming bathrooms into innovative, modern, and functional spaces tailored to your needs. Our emphasis on personalised designs ensures a satisfying renovation experience. 

We strive to simplify the remodelling process for our clients, offering guidance in selecting high-quality fixtures, tiles, and materials that are durable and just look good. With a commitment to excellence, let us transform your old and dated bathroom into a sanctuary of style and practicality with our complete bathroom remodel service. 

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    Bathroom Design Trends

    We stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth knowledge of current bathroom design trends, including the following:

    • Backlit Mirrors: Illuminate your space with the contemporary elegance of backlit mirrors, adding both functionality and a touch of luxury to your bathroom.
    • Double Vanities - A double bathroom vanity is the way to go for its practicality, offering separate spaces for his and hers and extra storage that keeps clutter out of sight.
    • Medicine / Shaving cabinets - Provides versatile storage for all your bathroom necessities, available in recessed or surface-mounted options. Recessed cabinets may require additional wall modifications.
    • Hidden Power Points - Concealed power points within medicine cabinets help with a clean and cable-free environment. Providing a space for charging shavers and toothbrushes enhances the overall aesthetic.
    • Task lighting - Illuminate your vanity with strategically placed task lighting, providing a shadow-free environment for precise grooming and a clearer reflection in the mirror.
    • Freestanding Bathtubs: Experience relaxation and style with freestanding bathtubs, offering a focal point that combines modern aesthetics with timeless style.
    • Minimalist Aesthetics - Embrace the beauty of simplicity through minimalist design, characterised by clean lines and shapes, which not only exude modernity but also enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom.
    • Creating the Illusion of Space: Make the most of limited space by incorporating design elements like strategically placed mirrors that create the illusion of spaciousness. Our expertise lie in optimising layouts and selecting features that enhance the perceived size of your bathroom.

    Building Functional Bathrooms and Ensuites

    We understand the importance of considering the impact of ageing on accessibility and functionality, ensuring that your bathroom evolves with your changing needs while allowing you to maintain dignity in every stage of life. 

    Our designs prioritise longevity, incorporating practical elements such as niche inserts, floor-to-ceiling tiles, vanity units, task lighting, functional medicine cabinets, and stone countertops. 

    We pay attention to details like accessibility to power outlets, strategic positioning of mixers, and the inclusion of wall-hung lavatories for a modern and space-saving design. 

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      Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take pride in the precision and attention to detail that defines our approach to every house renovation and extension. 

      Trust D3 Built to transform your bathroom space into a haven of luxury and functionality with their complete bathroom remodel service. For inquiries, contact us at 03 9068 7582 or via email at

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