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What is a quality home build?

What D3 Built means by building quality homes, renovations & extensions

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Quality. It's become somewhat a ubiquitous term to describe many services, not the least within the building industry. Unfortunately, just as we discuss in our letter on trust, words are only as good as our actions and can also be very subjective.

When the team at D3 Built use the word quality and that we want to challenge the status quo of industry standards, this is what we mean... 

Challenge; what is a quality home?
A quality – dream – home is more than superior design, materials and workmanship. It’s a home that makes you feel warm and comfortable, that’s welcoming and inclusive. It fills you with pride that overflows to your loved ones and even your community. It embraces your lifestyle and values and will become intertwined with your story and legacy that will be shared for generations.

Challenge; what is the building process?
From the design, to the materials used, to the contractors employed, you want to entrust the building and design process with a building firm who will advocate for you and continuously strive to build a home that delivers on your scope of agreed outcomes. The process is seamless and transparent, with you being continuously updated every step of the way with honesty.
Challenge; what is quality control?
Building a new home is complex. You understand that delivering quality is an outcome of operational integrating through the entire journey. You need someone’s expertise to challenge every stage –designs, engineering, planning and permits, building services and contractors – and foresee any potential roadblocks and proactively solve. 

Challenge; what is customer experience?
Superior and personalised customer experience begins with sharing stories and feeling heard. You seek experts in their field to guide you from concept to completion who can communicate openly in relatable terms and will take the time to answer all your questions. You appreciate empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence because you understand we never know what’s going on in people’s lives.

Challenge; what is family?
You welcome diversity in all forms and appreciate homes are filled with all sorts of families. Whether it be Mum and Dad and kids, a group of friends, multi-generational family members, or partners with fur-kids, a home is the sum of its people regardless of relationship. Home is defined by feelings of safety, comfort, joy and love. Your home feels welcoming to everyone.

 Challenge; what is sustainability?
Being a sustainable builder encompasses more than using your recycling bin. It considers the future and your legacy to the planet and generations to come. It is care for our environment and community and designing beautiful buildings that effortlessly sit within the landscape. It implements energy efficiently designed homes, recycled and/or quality materials, water tolerant plants and leaves nature as untouched as possible. It positively contributes to your neighbourhood.

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