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How d3 Built protects you through the build

D3 Built takes the role of being appointed your builder seriously. We appreciate the difficulty in making the decision to entrust your new home, renovation or extension and the investment involved. With this we take pride in delivering per all agreed scopes and expectations and detail an extensive contract to protect both parties.

But beyond these, we take the role a bit further than many other building contractors and will advocate for you across the entire process.

What do we mean by advocate?

 With our engineering experience and mindset, we are trained to be problem solvers. Our goal is to always look for solutions and to ask diligent questions to ensure projects deliver long-term results.

 We appreciate you, as an owner builder, cannot be across all legislations, permits and requirements that are there to ensure your building is safe and structurally sound.

 It’s easy to dismiss building codes as roadblocks and cut corners. But we disagree with this approach. Our job as your contractor is to project manage your entire build to not only meet sign-off at the various stages, but to ultimately handover a project that you can enjoy without foreseen issues into the future.

There are lots of stories about building standards across Australia, and the world, slipping. Cheap, cookie cutter, quickly developed properties built for a quick sale, maximum profit without too much care about the quality and permanency.

This is not our approach or value. We want to work with owners who care about legacy and sustainability. Therefore, if one contractor flags a potential issue in a design or structure, even if it’s passed other permits and regulations, we will dig down to investigate and uncover the truth and find answers.

We will pause a project until a diligent decision is made.

And we do this with clear language and communication with you, so you know exactly what’s happening and why.

It’s more than our own liability that we’re concerned about – although that certainly is important! We truly care about you getting your dream, not a nightmare down the track. And we respect that legislations are actually designed to protect you.

If you'd like to have a chat about working with us on your building project, we'd love to hear from you.