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D3 Built's Family Home

Hoppers Crossing, Victoria

The family home that founded D3 Built’s holistic building values.

To many, it’s a typical family home in Melbourne’s inner west suburbs, but to D3 Built, it’s where a love of building, design and solving problems in a holistic manner was founded. 

It’s where we found ourselves listening to our own needs, and of those around us, and built spaces where we could contemplate the things that matter with quiet reflection in the arms of nature. 

Unexpected pathways lead to areas filled with trees, plants and objects that allow the family to enjoy moments of solitude or quiet conversations.  


Whilst subtle to an outside observer, we learned in our architectural home the importance of design, spaces, nature and buildings in wellbeing. That a home is more than bricks and mortar; it’s the heart and soul of the people who inhabit, and the memories built within. 

Building new homes that allow individuals to capture special moments and provides safety and wellbeing for loved ones is unique to everyone’s needs and desires. We understand its listening to your stories we can deliver holistically on this.