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From Old to Bold: Bathroom Renovation in Yarraville

Yarraville, Victoria

From framing upgrades to luxurious finishes, witness the meticulous details unfold in this bathroom renovation.

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Picture this: a bathroom that perfectly blends functionality and style, a space that isn't just an afterthought but an extension of your personality. This is what we at D3 Built, a prominent builder in Melbourne, aimed for when we embarked on a comprehensive bathroom renovation project in Yarraville. Together with our project partner, Renoworx, we transformed an old bathroom into a modern sanctuary desgined by Interior Designer  Marie Filippone. 

Beginning of Transformation 

Like any good story, ours began with a clean slate - the removal of wall, floor, and ceiling linings. Stripping everything down, we prepared the room for the transformation that was about to unfold. 

bathroom renovation bedroom renovation yarraville

Window and Door Framing Upgrades 

Next, we focused on the windows and doors. We supplied semi-commercial framed double-glazed aluminium windows and doors finished in satin black and equipped with locks, flyscreens, and screen doors. A subtle change but one that sets the tone for a modern and sophisticated ensuite renovation. 

The plot thickened with the relocation of plumbing services. We reconfigured the plumbing to accommodate the new floor plan, ensuring it would seamlessly integrate with the new layout. We then built walls as outlined in the renovation plan and levelled the subfloor to ensure an even surface. It's these little details that make a big difference, don't they? 

bathroom renovation yarraville

Adding a Touch of Luxury 

One of the key highlights of the renovation was the creation of a walk-in shower base. This feature, coupled with the installation of a frameless glass panel, added a touch of luxury to the bathroom. 

But what's a luxurious bathroom without ample storage? We installed a recessed medicine cabinet and provided a niche for recess, ensuring the homeowners had plenty of space to store their essentials.

Bathroom Transformation

Next, we set the stage for the visual transformation. We installed plasterboard or villaboard for walls and ceilings, prepared the walls for painting with a square set finish, and supplied and installed wall insulation. 

Then came the moment of transformation: the tiling. Covering all floors and bathroom walls, the tiles added a fresh, modern look to the bathroom. 

Finally, like any good story, ours ended on a clean note. We responsibly removed and disposed of all waste generated from the renovation, leaving the homeowners with nothing but their dream bathroom to enjoy.

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bathroom renovation in yarraville

Your Story Awaits

Begin Your Transformation Journey with Us 

So, are you ready to transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary? As experts in bathroom renovations Melbourne homeowners trust, we at D3 Built are ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us today, and let's start crafting your story together. 


bathroom renovation yarraville
bathroom renovation yarraville
bathroom renovation yarraville